Frequently Asked Questions

What does TweetCharm do?

TweetCharm organizes retweets by other OnlyFans creators for you. We match you with other creators and you will automatically retweet each other. We aim to get you one retweet every day.

How much does it cost?

After signup we offer you a free trial. Once the trial is over you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription. Please refer to our homepage for our pricing tiers.

How can I upgrade to a paid tier?

Once your free trial is over you will see upgrade options inside the app.

Is TweetCharm only for OnlyFans creators?

TweetCharm is intended for adult content creators. Whether you monetize on OnlyFans, Fansly, ManyVids, or another platform doesn't matter.

How do I use multiple accounts?

You can simply logout, then login and authorize a different Twitter account. We only support one account per subscription so you will have to buy a separate subscription.

Is there a mass discount?

We currently have no discounts. If you manage OnlyFans creators and want to subscribe for 10+ accounts you can reach out to us via chat.

Is there an annual subscription?

We don't yet have annual subscriptions but we will introduce them in the future and you will have the chance to change to the annual rate.

More questions?

Unlike many other companies, we live and breathe customer service! Please send us any question and I, Sam, co-founder and CEO, will personally reply as soon as I can! Seriously, we love questions and feedback :)
  • Tap the chat bubble (bottom right corner) to reach out.