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Jun 30, 2022

Fancharm Reddit Automation: Step-by-Step Guide

What does Fancharm do?

Fancharm makes it easier to use Reddit. It is for creators who want to promote their OnlyFans/Fansly/ManyVids or any other platform via Reddit.

You can 

  • schedule posts to be posted to multiple subreddits
  • set up an auto-reply for your DMs
  • an auto-message for anyone who comments on your photos, and you can 
  • automatically follow anyone who interacts with you

Many OnlyFans creators use these features to make posting easier and to tell their audience about their OnlyFans link, free trials, share extra pics, or just say something nice:)

Signup and Login

Using Fancharm is simple. All you need is a Reddit account. You click “Login with Reddit” on our homepage, authorize the app, and you can immediately start using Fancharm without making a separate account. 

It’s free to try. You can schedule 50 posts and send 200 messages every month for free. To send more, you can upgrade to one of our paid tiers. 

Inbox Reply

The Inbox Reply feature auto-replies to any private message you get on Reddit. 

Things to know:

  • Inbox Reply can only reply to messages, not chat.
  • Inbox Reply will check your inbox every hour for unread messages and respond.
  • Inbox Reply will only message users who you have never messaged before.
  • Inbox Reply will filter out all moderators and Reddit employees.

A lot of creators set up auto-replies like this:

Hi, I get so many messages here that I can't respond to everyone individually but I respond to every single message on my OF! It's only $10 for a limited time:

Tip: If you get a lot of chats and you are tired of responding to them, you can turn off chat in your Reddit settings and only allow private messages (which you can auto-reply to with the Inbox Reply feature).

Message Commenters

The Message Commenters feature auto-messages users who leave comments on your posts. 

Things to know:

  • Message Commenters will check your inbox everyday for unread messages and respond.
  • Message Commenters will only message users who you have never messaged before (this means we only message users once and if you already have a message thread with them we won’t message them)
  • Message Commenters filters out all moderators and Reddit employees. It also filters out users that have been messaged too often overall. 

Examples of good messages to send:

omg thanks for the comment 💖 here's a freebie pic for you as a thank you: https://imgur/abcdefgh
damn your comment made me kinda horny 🍑😏 ... I've just uploaded a video of me playing with myself on my OF, wanna come check it out?
so it seems you're really into [xxxx].... i got much more of that for you on my profile;)
I loved your comment!! 😻 As a thanks, I got this free trial of my OnlyFans just for you:


The Auto-Follow feature will follow every user who messages your or comments on your posts. They will get a notification that you followed them which may entice them to follow you back. 

All you have to do is turn it On, and the rest will happen by itself. 


Posting lets you upload one photo at a time and schedule it to multiple subreddits. To make this easier, you can create your own groups of subreddits that you frequently post to. 

Schedule Posts

This is where you pick the photo to post. 

  • Photo: Your photo will be uploaded via Imgur and appear on Reddit like any other Imgur post. 
  • Link: You can paste your own Imgur or Redgifs link. 

This is where you pick the subreddits you want to schedule your post for. 
By default we show your 25 most used subreddits (you have to have posted before for any subreddits to show up). 
Click “Create Subreddit Group” to make your own group, e.g. “Boob subreddits”

You can use the same title for all posts or set an individual title for each post below. 

Fancharm helps you optimize when to post. You can control the days and times separately. By default we will find the best days and times for each subreddit within the next 7 days. You can also set it to post on a specific day instead and keep the “Best times” setting for that day. 

Here you can unselect specific subreddits from the group you chose. You can also set Flairs here, which some subreddits require. Lastly, if you click the (i) icon next to each subreddit on the right you can check the subreddit specific rules. 

If you want to automatically add a comment to each post, you can click “+ Include a comment” here.

Manage Groups

Here you can create custom groups of subreddits. The list will only show subreddits you’ve posted in before or you’ve joined.

View Scheduled Posts

As long as you keep this setting on, Fancharm will ensure that you never post twice in the same subreddit within 24hrs. So even if you schedule two posts for the same day, Fancharm will catch your posts and reschedule it for 24hrs later. This is to prevent you getting banned from subreddits that don’t allow posting more than once per day. 

If you do want to post more than once per day in the same subreddit, you can deactivate this setting. 


If you want to make more than 50 posts a month or send more than 200 messages a month you have to upgrade to our $19/mo tier. 

  • You can cancel anytime
  • We never get your credit card information. All payments are handled by Stripe. 


How do I use multiple Reddit accounts with Fancharm?

To use multiple accounts you have to logout and separately login with another Reddit account. Or, you can use Fancharm on separate web browsers. We don’t yet support multiple Reddit accounts under one subscription. 

Can Reddit ban me for this?

Using Fancharm is allowed by Reddit, we fully comply with the Terms of Service. Fancharm uses the official Reddit API that allows automating posting. However, if you spam Reddit excessively or violate subreddit rules, you may get temporarily or permanently banned. Using Fancharm in itself will not get you banned but excessive spamming can lead to moderators taking action against your account. 

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