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Jun 30, 2022

Great messages to send on Reddit via Fancharm

So you are starting to use the auto-reply for DM feature and the auto-message commenters features on Fancharm's Reddit Automation and you're wondering what a good message to send would be...

Generally we've found that it's better to be subtle and not too marketing focused. You want the recipient to be excited about your message!

Here are some good examples:

omg thanks for the comment 💖 here's a freebie pic for you as a thank you: https://imgur/abcdefgh
damn your comment made me kinda horny 🍑😏 ... I've just uploaded a video of me playing with myself on my OF, wanna come check it out?
Hi, I get so many messages here that I can't respond to everyone individually but I respond to every single message on my OF! It's only $10 for a limited time:
I loved your comment!! 😻 As a thanks, I got this free trial of my OnlyFans just for you:
so it seems you're really into [xxxx].... i got much more of that for you on my profile;)

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